Friday, April 17, 2009

Things that make us pretty: #2

It has been said that the greatest loves of your life will be the ones that you fall in love with because they embody everything you never knew that you needed. Take Robert Pattinson for example: how could we have ever guessed the Cedrice Diggory would turn out to be our ultimate vampire fantasy? (there's a sentence I never htought I'd write...)

The same can be said for the products below.
Things you never knew you needed:

1. So, pale colors are not colors that look good on some us. We won't lie. But we still love them occasionally because, hey? Who doesn't love colors that remind us of Easter eggs? As such, we have to settle for wearing them as accessories. OPI Done out in Deco is a good compromise in this respect. With a lavender base and gray undertones, it works as a neutral or on it's own. It's spring-y, but you don't look like a twelve year-old. Which is, you know, always a good thing.

2. Benefit pretty much rocks our socks. They've got cute packaging, inventive names, and a loyal fan base. Their almond-loaded scrub Honey, snap out of it! is a cult favorite; it can be used as a simple scrub or can be left on for two minutes in the shower to function as a mask for extra-softening and exfoliating action. We love products that multitask: they're a busy girl's savior.

3. Between the two of us, we've got a lot of hair going on. Seriously. One of us grew up in the land of beauty pageants and hair that was teased so crown wouldn't fall off, and another is...well, italian. But sometimes genes and breeding just aren't enough. That's why we've got Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost in our style arsenals. It lifts, but doesn't leave that icky, crunchy feeling behind.

4. We think Dooce described the magic of Dior Blackout mascara best when she wrote, "I am going to petition the government to make it legal for a woman to marry her black mascara." Yeah, it's that awesome.

5. You know what we hate? When we shave our legs in the shower, put lotion on afterwards because we don't want to be scaley, and become afflicted with little red bumps and painful stinging sensations because our newly-smooth skin does NOT agree with lotion. That's what we hate. Don't be scared be the obviously dirty connotations that come along with body oil; Neutrogena body oil will get rid of your discomfort and you don't even have to use it for foreplay. Unless of course, you actually want to...

6. If you're still not using Tweezerman tweezers, we feel bad for you. Trust, we are avid fans of eyebrow-waxing (less pain overall). But sometimes, we're just too busy or broke to go to the spa every 3 to 4 weeks. In between appointments, we utilize these little gems to keep our faces looking groomed and catipillar-free. Go buy some. Now.