Monday, May 4, 2009 say we all.

We, the Mollys, are not generally what one would call "traditional." Our jeans are often frayed, our jewelry.....quirky. One of us has pretty much cornered the market on the intellectual, eclectic fashion front. And the other has the ability to wear a cardigan and a concert tee in a way you've never even thought of.

We are Carries, not Charlottes.


Well.....there's this designer.

She epitomizes classic. She's Audrey Hepburn. The Hamptons. And gin martinis with two olives.

And we must admit that we love her......juuuuust a little bit.

This is why:Dear Kate Spade,

You have our undying devotion.
Especially if you called your friend Christian Louboutin and got him to send over a pair of black and yellow crepe satin Mount Street heels from his summer collection. Lots of love,

The Mollys
P to the S: We'd be delighted to house-sit in East Hampton ANYTIME.

Sunday, April 19, 2009 the driven snow.

We are currently embarking upon the great annual adventure known as wedding season.
Maybe that's why we've got white on the brain.
Not because we're getting married (or even thinking about such things) mind you. The Mollys enjoy wedding season because a). it means we get to plan fabulous parties b). buy new dresses to wear to all of these shindigs and c). it signals the return of warmer weather. What's not to love?

In the land of fashion, white is somewhat of a scary color. There are lots of hazards that come with it: you can't wear it after Labor Day or before Easter, don't wear it to a wedding, and of course the dreaded stain-factor.

But fear not. With a little Scotch Guard, you too can look radiant in this non-color of a color. It's classic, clean, and always in fashion. It has the heart of a neutral, without the same serious emotional baggage that black carries with it. White is lighthearted and fun, just like summer should be.

If you're a little apprehensive about bringing some (color) purity into your life, why not try using white as an accent color to break up bolder, brighter statements. This gives your old pieces a newer, fresher feel. White goes with anything, literally- it is a neutral, after all. The Mollys like it best with bolder, heavily saturated jewel-tones for summer, particularly turquoise and fuchsia. We must warn that pastels are probably best avoided to prevent looking like the a holdover from your Easter basket. If brights aren't your thing, you could always go the white with black route. It worked for Audrey and Jackie-O, didn't it? A true classic for a reason.

Just use a napkin when you eat your raspberry Popsicles, k?

-FLORA TEE, elizandaxel

-White denim matchstick jean, J.Crew

-Jackie Ohh, Ray-Ban

-Creamy Dreamy Pearls, MDsparks

-Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse

-The Unisex Cirle Scarf, American Apparel

-Pocketed Tube Dress, The Limited

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mrs. Matthews takes a nosedive

All right Danielle Fishel.
We get it.
Your career has somewhat (we're being a little generous) been on the d-cline since "Boy Meets World" and TGIF left the picture. Sidebar: remember TGIF? Remember TGIF and SNICK? Those were the shit when we were twelve, were they not? Anyhow: career's been on the downward slope. Also, Google informs us the you were arrested for a DUI. And that you used to date Lance Bass who is now quite openly homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that...but you have to admit that when a former lover starts playing for the other team that logically there must be some sentiment of failure on the part of the ex. Think about it). Plus, he was a big pop star and was presumably going places and had lots of success and you...well, you kind of fell off the face of the planet for a couple of years along with Corey and Sean and Eric.
Back in the day, you were hot stuff. So it makes physchological sense that you're kind of trying to re-live your ABC primetime glory days through fashion. But just because it makes sense does not mean that it's a good choice:

What the hell, child?
You are not Alicia Keyes. You are TOPANGA.

What makes this even worse is that apparently, you are part of some collaboration with the Style network which we've never seen but can only assume that it has something to do with "The Dish", as indicated by all the promo pictures available. Your efforts are undeniably admirable: a co-hosting gig on a major cable channel is most definitely a larger stride than the majority of the rest of your fellow Friday night line-up alum. But donchathink that if one is hosting (or even co-hosting) a current fashion-related anything, one should not dress like one is a member of the Spice Girls circa 1997?

Current fashions aside, there's also another horribly unflattering layer to this saga in the form of a commercial on the Style Network for a multitude of their shows including "The Dish." It features a veritable bounty of other fabulous people (or, just about as fabulous as the Style Network can get these days...but we digress):

Finola Hughes, for whom one of us possesses a very VERY unnatural love for (blame it on the Soaps).
Thom Filicia, who is first on our list of possible celebrity gay husbands and needs to come decorate our offices pronto.
Niecy Nash, who always has some sort of motherly-wisdom, bold color statements, and silk flower hair accessories to entertain us with, even if she does choose to place inflection on odd words at inappropriate times.

And, as would be expected they all look fabulous. All of them, that is, except for you. Although the internet being used to type this does not currently provide access to YouTube, we are promising that a link to the afroementioned hideousness will be posted. Because it's really just that awful.
There's an ill-fitting satin dress involved (albeit the color is not all that horrible) that's both too tight and too short and over-processed hair that would make John Frieda's eyes bleed.

Okay, seriously Topanga? We're here for you. We want you to succeed.
And that's why we think that maybe you need to fire your stylists.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bite me? Please?

And...umm...speaking of Robert Pattinson:
You're welcome.

Things that make us pretty: #2

It has been said that the greatest loves of your life will be the ones that you fall in love with because they embody everything you never knew that you needed. Take Robert Pattinson for example: how could we have ever guessed the Cedrice Diggory would turn out to be our ultimate vampire fantasy? (there's a sentence I never htought I'd write...)

The same can be said for the products below.
Things you never knew you needed:

1. So, pale colors are not colors that look good on some us. We won't lie. But we still love them occasionally because, hey? Who doesn't love colors that remind us of Easter eggs? As such, we have to settle for wearing them as accessories. OPI Done out in Deco is a good compromise in this respect. With a lavender base and gray undertones, it works as a neutral or on it's own. It's spring-y, but you don't look like a twelve year-old. Which is, you know, always a good thing.

2. Benefit pretty much rocks our socks. They've got cute packaging, inventive names, and a loyal fan base. Their almond-loaded scrub Honey, snap out of it! is a cult favorite; it can be used as a simple scrub or can be left on for two minutes in the shower to function as a mask for extra-softening and exfoliating action. We love products that multitask: they're a busy girl's savior.

3. Between the two of us, we've got a lot of hair going on. Seriously. One of us grew up in the land of beauty pageants and hair that was teased so crown wouldn't fall off, and another is...well, italian. But sometimes genes and breeding just aren't enough. That's why we've got Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Boost in our style arsenals. It lifts, but doesn't leave that icky, crunchy feeling behind.

4. We think Dooce described the magic of Dior Blackout mascara best when she wrote, "I am going to petition the government to make it legal for a woman to marry her black mascara." Yeah, it's that awesome.

5. You know what we hate? When we shave our legs in the shower, put lotion on afterwards because we don't want to be scaley, and become afflicted with little red bumps and painful stinging sensations because our newly-smooth skin does NOT agree with lotion. That's what we hate. Don't be scared be the obviously dirty connotations that come along with body oil; Neutrogena body oil will get rid of your discomfort and you don't even have to use it for foreplay. Unless of course, you actually want to...

6. If you're still not using Tweezerman tweezers, we feel bad for you. Trust, we are avid fans of eyebrow-waxing (less pain overall). But sometimes, we're just too busy or broke to go to the spa every 3 to 4 weeks. In between appointments, we utilize these little gems to keep our faces looking groomed and catipillar-free. Go buy some. Now.


We like when people read our blog. We love when they incorporate what we say into their lives and style choices.

Dear Paige Davis,
We love love LOVE your peppiness on Trading Spaces. Adore when you try to keep a straight face in the midst of redecorating freak-outs. And are totally pumped that you're reading our little blog. But THAT?! Is sooooo not what we meant.

Call us. Together, we can fix this.
The Mollys

Save the planet.....all the cool kids are doing it.

The Mollys love cleanliness. And adorableness. And saving the environment.

Luckily the kind folks at New Soap, Old Bottle agree. How cute are these?!

If you went to the website and voted for mass distribution, we'd be your friend. Not your BFF because we have each other, but we'd let you sit behind us at the movies and share our Milk Duds.