Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the Begining.

There was Alabama, and Chicago.
There was London.
And there were Mollys.

There was us.

And *we* share the same brain.

Since our return to the States three years ago, we have spent hours, nay weeks on the phone discussing our mutual love for things in this world that make sense. Important things like make-up and clothing and shoes and housewares and Barack Obama, as well as other aspects of popular culture. Or course we had our own blogs as an outlet for creativity and expression. But talking about the things that we were passionate about mutually in separate capacities didn't really make sense anymore. As such, we've chosen to combine our superpowers into one gigantic style super-blog.

Oh, and we get bored.

Alabama Molly spends her days nurturing the minds of young children with above-average intelligence and her nights going to grad school, sipping Yellow Hammers, and watching re-runs of "Gilmore Girls" and "West Wing."

Chicago Molly doesn't really live in Chicago anymore (near-ish), but writes grants for a non-profit and lives with her boyfriend in an adorable little apartment in a historic neighborhood. She has a deep love for Etsy, pad thai with tofu, and her big gray cat.

We're not newlyweds.
We're not moms.
We're not magazine editors.

We are students.
We read lots of magazines and other blogs.
We love clothes and make-up and accessories and beautiful things.

We're also a little on the poor side.
So we know how it is when one does not make a million dollars a year, but still wants to look good and feel good.
We get it. The Mollys get it.
We try to do that. With real attitudes and a little bit of flare.

Plus, we're really really fun.

PS- we also have a deep, undying love for attractive men. Soo...don't be alarmed.