Sunday, April 19, 2009 the driven snow.

We are currently embarking upon the great annual adventure known as wedding season.
Maybe that's why we've got white on the brain.
Not because we're getting married (or even thinking about such things) mind you. The Mollys enjoy wedding season because a). it means we get to plan fabulous parties b). buy new dresses to wear to all of these shindigs and c). it signals the return of warmer weather. What's not to love?

In the land of fashion, white is somewhat of a scary color. There are lots of hazards that come with it: you can't wear it after Labor Day or before Easter, don't wear it to a wedding, and of course the dreaded stain-factor.

But fear not. With a little Scotch Guard, you too can look radiant in this non-color of a color. It's classic, clean, and always in fashion. It has the heart of a neutral, without the same serious emotional baggage that black carries with it. White is lighthearted and fun, just like summer should be.

If you're a little apprehensive about bringing some (color) purity into your life, why not try using white as an accent color to break up bolder, brighter statements. This gives your old pieces a newer, fresher feel. White goes with anything, literally- it is a neutral, after all. The Mollys like it best with bolder, heavily saturated jewel-tones for summer, particularly turquoise and fuchsia. We must warn that pastels are probably best avoided to prevent looking like the a holdover from your Easter basket. If brights aren't your thing, you could always go the white with black route. It worked for Audrey and Jackie-O, didn't it? A true classic for a reason.

Just use a napkin when you eat your raspberry Popsicles, k?

-FLORA TEE, elizandaxel

-White denim matchstick jean, J.Crew

-Jackie Ohh, Ray-Ban

-Creamy Dreamy Pearls, MDsparks

-Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse

-The Unisex Cirle Scarf, American Apparel

-Pocketed Tube Dress, The Limited