Thursday, April 16, 2009

“In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.”

And for us, Marc Chagall, the colors of love are yellow and gray.

The Mollys are very into bold blocks of color. I mean, we wear prints as much as the next person; but it is our opinion that the statement of commiting to a vibrant purple or shocking orange speaks to our boldness as people. And sometimes it is easier and infinitely more appropriate to say so with a snappy pleated skirt than a snappy comment.

We ARE ladies of the stage after all, not at all adverse to a look--be it good or bad. And we absolutely love the question "Where EVER did you get that?!" as it allows us to share our knowledge of the perfect vintage shop or sale.

This February, New York Fashion Week,sans Tommy Hilfiger--Seriously Tommy, get with the program--was awash with our newest obsession in color combinations: yellow and gray. Canary and steel. Mustard and slate. The possibilities are endless. Add in a little crisp white or black....and Voila!
(The above looks are from Tadashi Shoji, Nanette Lapore, Lela Rose and E.Y. Wada. So much love!)

Now in a previous post, one of us admitted that yellow is not our best match. And that's fine. That Molly concentrates on the gray part of the equation, maybe adds in a yellow belt or shoes or the aforementioned Lucite bangle. The other Molly is a decidedly fair-skinned brownish redhead (at the moment) who pretty much ignores the "It's my color" vein of thinking and wears whatever the heck she wants. She needs the other Molly's firm guidance. (Stupid Illinois and Alabama, why'd they have to be built so bleeding far apart?!)

We've done some of the work for you, perusing the interwebs and such. But feel free to combine your own colors.....Like purple? Pair a deep plum with a French blue. Into orange? Go for it! (Though for the sake of Alabama Molly's sanity, don't wear it with blue. Please.) Here's what we love for Spring/Summer, since the Fashion Week pieces are all very fall:

from Banana Republic

from the shop, Quarks

from the geniusly quirky and fabulous blog of Keiko Lynn. If only we lived in Brooklyn and were this adorable...

Now, go forth and be colorful!