Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prints Charming

Recently, one of us moved into a new apartment with their significant other. The apartment is beautiful: dark cherry hardwood floors, porcelain tile in the kitchen and bathroom, granite counter tops, brand new cabinetry, brushed silver fixtures and the hardware...oh! the hardware! We are very lucky indeed. The only thing that could make it any more perfect is if said apartment was somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon, and we were both occupying it (the boys can come too, but only if they promise not to touch our stuff).

This apartment is drastically different than our old apartment. It has a much more "modern-ish" feel to it. And, as such, we need some new stuff to put on the walls to make it pretty and not so asylum-y in there with the white walls and stuff. This is what we've got so far. Oh, and did we mention that everything is under $25? Because it is.

By rows, starting from the left:

1. paper head gocco print in blue, $20 from katep: This print is cute without being "twee", as the kids are saying these days. It's a little unexpected. Which, you know, we're totally in to.

2. Original ACEO-Frida, $10 from carambatack: There's something so appealing about works of art that a). don't take themselves too seriously and b). combine several different mediums. Seller carambatack has a couple of different versions of this piece in it's shop, so is can be used in a multitiude of different spaces and color schemes. It is pretty twee, though. So...maybe you can use this as a bargaining chip when your boyfriend tells you he wants to display his Battlestar Gallactica posters?

3. Live What You Love Letterpress Print in Red, $12.50 from hijirik: We kind of just love things with words on them. And this is no exception. It's clean and simple and modern, but classic. Maybe a little trendy, too. But for $12.50? We think you can afford to be a *leetle* trendy.

4. Rebecca, $20 from nosideup: Another in a series of works. How perfect would these be in a minimalistic bathroom? They're on the not-too-frilly side, which is also a big plus in our house.

5. Darling Nest Print, $17 from MarmeeCraft: We're kind of noticing a theme here. Women with lots of hair and birds and a little bit of whimsy. But you know what? That's okay. When most of your furniture comes from Ikea and Craig's List and looks like it belongs in your little brother's frat house, you have to indulge your femaleness somehow.

6. SO VERY HAPPY (version 1), $23 from dazeychic: We'll just say right now that we love love LOVE dazeychic. Love her. Love her work. Love her spirit, and love her concepts. We think it would be great to wake up to these words every morning.

7. Blackbird, Fly Away, $15 from 3LambsGraphics: Birds are kind of our "thing." Actually, one of the Mollys was flat-out informed by a close friend that this person felt guilty for buying a necklace with a dove on it because birds were Molly's "thing". Which is sort of true because birds rule and we rule (common ground, you see). They represent free spirits and determination and really great outer-wear. The Mollys can get down with that.

8. LUCKY FEATHER, $15 from theloveshop: This is what we're calling our "compromise" piece. Not that we don't love it, mind you. It's just a little more masculine than some of the others in this showcase, which leads us to believe that it will probably be the most appealing to our male companions. Sidenote: how did we get stuck with the only man in the world who actually gives a flying Twinkie about wall-art or any sort of interior design? Unfair.

9. i miss the idea of you, $24 from the weathergirlshop: Kind of sad, no? But also really beautiful. And thought-provoking. Art doesn't always need to be happy, but it should always kick some ass. Mission: accomplished.

10. We are here, $15.70 from HidenSeek: Reminder- the Mollys met while studying British children's literature in England. Therefore, rest assured that we know a thing or two about fairytales or any interpretation thereof. It's something that we're passionate about and smething like this speaks to our mutual love of fables and the like.

11. Scarf For Two Print, $18 from theblackapple: Everything in this store pretty much rules at life. It's a little bit haunting, and the creep factor is definitely present. It's also fun and not you average Ansel Adams poster. Which is good, because we're not the kind of people who buy their artwork at Wal-Mart.

12. Keep Calm and Carry On Poster (Light Olive), $20 from PrintSpot: Yeah, yeah. We know. These prints are EVERYWHERE. But, you can't deny the universal appeal of it's message and nostalgia. It would be really approriate for an office environment, but we were actually intending upon putting it in the kitchen. So that when we're burning the crap out of dinner, we can take look at the poster on the wall, take a deep breath, and grab a take-out menu.

Next week: Do you like it when stuff has your name on it? So do we.